Digital dictation and speech recognition


Specialized vocabularies: It supports specialized medical vocabularies (ConTexts) for professional use.

Languages: Xintax is avaliable in several languages.

Easy installation: It is extremely easy to install and maintain. It is a truly Plug&Play software package.

Dictate into anything: You can dictate into any Microsoft Windows (TM) application. Therefore there is no need for specific integrations. You just select the targeted application and speak into your microphone.

Dictate from anywhere: Xintax allows you to dictate from anywhere in your network. The authors profiles are stored centrally and can be downloaded to any workstation on request.

Attached / Detached working: Xintax can be used in a networked environment as well as detached. Users can simply plug / unplug their laptops from the network without any loss of information.

Workflow: Users can send their recordings and text documents by a professional workflow within the organization. E.g. an author can send the recorded sound file to the secretary who corrects and formats the already recognized document.

Scalability: Xintax is extremely scalable. It supports single user installations, where the author and the secretary are the same person, as well as hospital wide installations.

Vocal commands: You can format the document just by using your voice.

See what you say: Immediate feedback of what you said. You can see on-line what was recognized and will realized immediately if you said something wrong or something was wrong recognized.

Text macros: You can define user specific text macros (text blocks) which will be automatically pasted into your document when you say a specific word or phrase. E.g. when you say "my address", Xintax will write your complete address details such as: John Smith, 1000 Main Street, Springfield, PO: 1010 California, United States of America

Shared vocabulary: Multiple users share one lexicon, which has the advantage that new words have to be added only by one user in the network. All other user will immediately benefit and be able to recognize the same word.


Professional support: Xintax comes with experienced, individual support services.

System requirements

Xintax is designed to run on:
• Windows® 10
• Windows® 8 - 32 and 64 bits
• Windows® 7 - 32 and 64 bits
Minimum hardware requirements: Processor > 2 GHz, 4 GB RAM

Recommended hardware requirements: Processor > 2 GHz, 8 GB RAM

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